2018 Meeting News from the Chairman

With starting the new year without a location to meet. Starting in February we now have a new location on the 1st Tuesday of the month. It will be located at the Atlanta Area Council Volunteer service center. We only have two dates that will need to be moved to different location. See the list below. If anybody knows of a location that will work for those dates please let a board member know.

If you were at the last meeting the PAYPAL that the club was using has been closed for reason that I will not go into here. Please pay the Secretary your dues for 2018. The dues are $25.00 for the year. If you have a family, it is still the same.

I will be at the University of Scouting on 2/17/18 to talk to leaders about Ham radio and pass out flyers. If anybody would like to help please let me know.

For the persons who would like to join us for supper we will be meeting at the Piccadilly’s located at 536 Cobb Parkway South Marietta, GA. 30060. Starting time will be 1730 hours.

Here are some of the things that we have going on this year.

Asked to put up a table at the University of scouting 02/17/2018

General class at American Legion in Power Spring 01/06/2018 – 01/20/2018

Board meeting 01/23/2018

Asked to put up a table at the Boy Scout program kick off  04/14/2018

Asked to help with the Fishing For Freedom on

Hamfest will be 06/02/2018

Field day will be 06/22/2018 – 06/24/2018

Club Meeting dates at the Atlanta Volunteer services center.

Feb. 6

March 6

April 3 Braves Game Location unknown at this time.

May 1

June 5

August 7

September 4 Braves Game Location unknown at this time.

Oct 2

November  6


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