Club History


By Ken Wilhoit (W4OCW)

The Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club had its beginning in 1949 in the living room of Charlie Whitaker’s, W8AZT, house on Church street in Marietta. There was much debate and discussion within the club as to whether the club should be called the Kennesaw or the Chattahoochee Amateur Radio Club. It seemed that all agreed that those should be the boundaries for the club but all could not agree on which would be the name. Finally Jack Hudson, W4HR, suggested Kennehoochee and the club chose that name unanimously.

Al Rambo, W4PBW, was the Hamfest specialist and the club put on some of the best Hamfest in the area (not counting the one where about 150 people got sick from the potato salad). The story even goes that the sheriff stopped one of the local members for boot legging when actually he had a trunk full of hamfest prizes.

Charlie Whitaker, then W4LOR, provided some interesting details on some of the early members: Lynne Brannen, W4BTI, was known for his “professional” equipment. Charlie recalled a visit to Lynne’s attic with Lynne’s son, Harold, and was his inspiration to enter the world of Amateur Radio. In the attic was an impressive rig that had been stored due to the World War II ban on Amateur Radio. “I thought that any thing that looked that complicated had to be FUN and impress every one else so with Lynne’s help, and I’m sure I was a real pest about it, I finally got my ticket. “Lloyd Seay, W4NT, had a jewelry store next to the Cobb theater on the square. Charlie wrote “although he kept it a secret he was very good at repairing meter movements and I pressed him into service at times to repair a few I had smoked.

“Vern Edgerton, W4OTX, was the talk of the club the night his first baby arrived. It seems that some club members kept him company on 75 meters until the baby arrived and then switched to 20 meters to announce the birth to Vern’s family in Seattle. Then there was the night of the 14 hour QSO. Things were the same then as they are now. How many of you remember those early days?

73’s de Carol Shrader WI4K, ex KARC/secretary”

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